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The great Nelson Mandela would’ve been 96 today – celebrate with some timeless wisdom from his inauguration address and autobiography




The power of community is undeniable.
Community changes the world.
We can be a community of fear and anger.
We can decide on a better way.
The trick is to go from ME to WE.
And to find your WE.
We can make massive things happen.
Let’s change the way life works.
xoxo Dana

Basically, my life. 


The release of a new programming language at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this week highlighted one of the most marketable skills in the digital world: the ability to code. How necessary is it, really? And is that even the right question?

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YES! #SoftwareCarpentry for the win. 

Such a great morning! #stl


Earth Day with David Byrne: David Byrne's Tight Spot, presented under the High Line in 2011, is an inflatable audio installation of low frequency pulses, tremors, and rumbles which emanate from the 40-foot globe. Byrne has commented on the phenomenon of “humans squishing their planet,” noting that Earth is no longer a “planet of clouds, deep blue oceans, beige deserts and swaths of green jungle.” Read more about Byrne’s installation here

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To remember… 


The former astronaut shares his views on the importance of innovation, collaboration, and leadership to the success of any project.

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I reached a major retirement saving milestone last week. I completely agree - one of the most important financial lessons to learn to start early and be regular with your saving regardless of the market. I had a boyfriend that imparted these words. He also encouraged me to save more than the minimum my company would match. Wise words. Never felt the pinch. Set for life. 


Teach your kids to save for retirement. It could be the most important lesson of their lives.

SM, Denver, CO

We’re asking women to share their two cents. What’s a good lesson you’ve learned about using money? What’s something smart you’ve done with your money? Share your advice at


1. Be courageous and brave …

2. Be one who perseveres …

3. Be warm and open …

4. Be genuine and real …

5. Be trusting and trustworthy …

6. Be kind and understanding …

7. Be gentle and patient …

8. Be loving and forgiving.